FuelBox was created to simplify your life. Whether you’re on the go, unable to find an outlet, or just in need of a little extra power, FuelBox will be there!

And to realize this goal, we developed and launched our first product - the Ultimate Charging Solution. Rather than keep track of charging cables, ours are built-in to both the Dock and boostPack. Feel confident you’ll never search for an outlet in a crowded airport again, the boostPack provides 25 extra hours of power for any of your devices. Then once you’re back home, simply recharge by resting it on the Dock.

From our beginning with wired charging products to our new cutting-edge wireless charging solutions, FuelBox products will make sure you’re always connected to whomever, wherever and whenever.

FuelBox – More Power to You!

*FuelBox Inc. (FuelBox) is a privately held technology company based in Santa Barbara, California and was founded by Dan Friedman and Robert Herr in 2012. FuelBox has multiple patented products, registered trademarks, and a strong developmental product pipeline.