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Light-bulb moment: A moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration.

The Problem: A dead phone, a lost charger.

The Solution was simple although the road for FuelBox founders Robert Herr and Dan Friedman has been a long, challenging pursuit to develop the Ultimate Charging Solution. From the conceptual days in 2012 to now, Robert and Dan have immersed themselves in the industry, creating more than 30 different prototypes, raising seed capital and coming into relations with world-class advisors and mentors. Today, after battling to get into mass production, months spent in China, and hanging on a bootstrap budget; FuelBox is now a registered trademark, with several issued patents covering over twenty claims. Attracting the right executives and team of over thirty, FuelBox is now prepared to hit the market for the smashing holiday season.


At FuelBox, we pride ourselves in creating premium quality power products that help simplify your life. Providing quality, convenience, and performance for customers are the keys to our success.

Our flagship product – The Ultimate Charging Solution - has you covered. It’s the only at home and on-the-go charging solution designed to keep your mobile devices charged wherever you go, whenever you need.

The Ultimate Charging Solution is the perfect combination of a docking station (The Dock) and a mobile battery pack (The boostPack™) with a built-in 6,700 mAh battery and over 25 extra hours of power. The Dock and boostPack charge magnetically when clipped together and both come with built-in Apple® Lightning and Micro-USB charging cords built-in, so you can’t lose them and find yourself in a bad position.

This powerful combination has an ultra-sleek, eye-catching design that will wow your friends and family. It’s simple, clean and provides a convenience factor unlike any other charging product available today. No more cords to lose, no more overloaded outlets, no more losing touch because your devices lose power. Learn more about the incredible features of FuelBox products today.

FuelBox® – More Power To You!


Steve Shotwell - President & CEO
Prior to joining FuelBox, Steve was COO/CBDO for Esperer Holdings, a Santa Barbara based holding company with businesses in the aerospace engineering and staff augmentation industries. From 2005 to 2015, Steve held executive positions at SloanLED, a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting Systems with a global market and manufacturing footprint. Steve started at the company as VP of Business Development, Sales & Marketing and in 2009 was promoted to General Manager and then to President & CEO in 2014. While at SloanLED, Steve helped lead the company through very rapid growth and the completion of two successful divestitures, both to Private Equity institutions. Prior to joining SloanLED, Steve spent 5 years as VP of Operations for Catalytic Solutions; a privately-held (start-up) company providing coated catalysts for exhaust systems in vehicles. For 13 years prior to that, Steve had increasingly responsible operations management positions at Applied Magnetics (a public company that manufactured recording heads for disk drives), eventually being appointed VP of Operations and overseeing multiple offshore facilities in Asia. Steve went to college and played football at the University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in Political Science with a special emphasis in Business Administration.

Robert Herr - Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Thanks to a roommate that continuously lost his phone charger and Robert’s determined, solution-minded ways, FuelBox was born in 2012. Robert has his hands in just about everything! He oversees business strategy, overall operations, product development, distribution, logistics… and basically keeps this ship sailing toward success.

Dan Friedman - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Dan keeps busy with market research, product positioning, media, branding, advertising, investor relations and the overall image of FuelBox. He’s an expert at anything web related, including social and viral media. He’s created an impressive marketing and branding platform for FuelBox to launch products far and beyond.

Thomas Trenschel - Vice President of Operations
Prior to joining FuelBox, Tom served as Vice President of Operations for SloanLED, Inc. He joined SloanLED in 2001 and was responsible for manufacturing operations, supply chain management, fulfillment, quality assurance and information technology. Prior to joining SloanLED, Tom was responsible for building and starting operations for a French magnetic recording head joint venture and spent three years on assignment in Grenoble, France. Prior to that, Tom held various manufacturing, quality, business management and division management responsibilities at Applied Magnetics and was responsible for all of the company’s operations worldwide. Tom earned a BS degree in mathematics from Penn State University and an executive MBA from Stanford University.

Paul Daniel - Chief Financial Officer
Paul has 25 years experience in financial & operations management with an expertise in hardware manufacturing. Paul served as the VP Operations/Director of Supply for Advanced Computer Communications (ACC) which was acquired in 1998 by Ericsson, the global telecom provider & manufacturer of internet communications equipment. Paul led the operations organization, responsible for subcontract manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, system integration, quality assurance, & order management while the company grew from $20M in annual sales to $60M. After the acquisition, he focused on supplier management as the division grew in excess of $100M. Paul specializes in implementing cost reduction strategies & managing supply chain operations and is the financial brain for FuelBox's future plans.

Kelly Foy - Vice President, Hospitality & Events
Prior to joining FuelBox, Kelly was the Founder and CEO of Elite Meetings International, which was acquired in 2014. He brings 22 years of sales, marketing, and management experience, along with strong relationships in the hospitality, meetings and events space. Kelly is responsible for equipping hotels and resorts with FuelBox mobile power solutions for hotel guests that have forgotten their power cord, along with event attendees that are constantly running out of battery power on their mobile devices. Interested in wholesale or custom orders? Schedule a call with Kelly below!

Jim Sloan - Board Member
Jim has over 30 years of electronic manufacturing background in a wide range of industries, including LED, data storage, and superconductor materials. Most recently Jim was CEO of SloanLED, a pioneer in the application of LED technology. Since divesting his interest in SloanLED to a private equity firm in 2007, Jim has been an active investor in several start-up and early-stage companies in such diverse fields as underwater exploration, beverage, apparel and electronics manufacturing.

Bob Verhey - Board Member
As a member of the Board, Bob brings a wealth of extensive, hands-on experience to the table. A former Xerox executive, Bob now runs his own strategic consulting firm that has coached several technology start-ups from ground zero to multi-million dollar growth and valuation. At FuelBox, he’s involved in business development and growth, product innovation, financial management and network relations.