Why you should avoid public phone charging stations

You may want to avoid charging your phone at public charging stations. When? Like, now.

Public charging stations are generally found in high traffic areas such as; airports, airplanes, public parks, business centers and coffee shops. Although, this may appear simple and convenient it can actually lead to quite a headache, to say the least.

The cord or USB port you use to charge your phone can transmit data from it to other devices. For example, when your Phone is connected to your computer by the charging cord, you can transmit data to and from it to your computer. This feature allows users to easily share and store the pictures, videos, notes, and other data they have on their devices. Unfortunately, hackers have been able to exploit this useful feature.

According to CNN Tech and writer Selena Larson, using public charging stations can be very dangerous as hackers have the ability to steal your information when you plug your phone or tablet into a compromised charging station. This process which can be traced all the way back to 2011, has lead to a great deal of identity theft and credit card fraud, not to mention the complete invasion of people’s privacy.

Scary huh? Yeah, my stomach is turning as I’m writing this just thinking of how many public ports I’ve used in my lifetime and what data could have been stolen from me. Shouldn’t have saved those sexy selfies, I knew it. So, what can you do to protect your information from hackers? Here’s an easy solution.

First and foremost, you shouldn't use USB ports at all -- instead, invest in a mobile battery pack, like FuelBox, to help keep you powered wherever you go. FuelBox products don’t transmit data so it can’t be hacked. Or put your phone on airplane mode to save battery life (but be disconnected). Be smart, be protected, be connected, with FuelBox, now available on Amazon as well.

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