FuelBox Unveils 'Ultimate Charging Solution' at CES 2017

FuelBox Unveils 'Ultimate Charging Solution' at CES 2017 

(Source: FuelBox Inc.)

A company started by two Santa Barbara City College students, FuelBox, will present its new product at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas from Jan. 5 to 8. CES has been a national showcase of consumer technology innovation for 50 years.


"FuelBox is meeting with retail partners at CES and is looking for distributors and other marketing/sales partners this year," said company Chief Marketing Officer Dan Friedman. He says the innovative charging solution will keep cell phones and tablets from running out of power when it is needed most.

The FuelBox “Ultimate Charging Solution” is a combination of a docking station and mobile battery pack providing more than 25 extra hours of power for cell phones, tablets and other devices at home and on the go. “This powerful duo is universally compatible and creates a convenience factor unlike any other charging product available today," Friedman said, "FuelBox is the perfect gift to start off the New Year, get yours now and simplify your life." 

Co-founders Robert Herr and Friedman came up with the idea for the device after a friend continuously lost his phone charger. “We were fortunate to have received over $200,000 in orders before our products even landed," said Herr, who now works as FuelBox chief creative officer.

About FuelBox

Steve Shotwell joined FuelBox as president, chief executive officer and board member in September. He has more than 30 years of executive management experience in manufacturing and selling high-tech, high-volume products. He was recently president and CEO of SloanLED, which was acquired by Baird Capital.

The FuelBox team includes executive members who serve the following roles: Vice President of Operations Thomas Trenschel; Chief Financial Officer Paul Daniel; and Chairman of the Board Jim Sloan.

The company is headquartered at 114 E. Haley St., Suite K, in Santa Barbara. The 3,000-square-foot office/warehouse allows the company space to develop the next phase of its products and to make its sales and marketing activities as it launches production, Friedman said. The products and are available for sale at myfuelbox.com along with more information about the company.

PRESS CONTACT: Dan Friedman at dan.friedman@myfuelbox.com