Saying goodbye to Synergy incubator

April 07, 2014

With FuelBox reaching new heights, we needed space to grow. After months of searching for the right home, we finally found it! (Read more about that here )

But moving out on our own also meant that we had to say goodbye to our good friends at the Synergy Business and Technology incubator. Our 18 months at Synergy were the best of our (work) lives. The time there really helped mold FuelBox into the great company we’ve become. Our vision, our mantra, our values – all have been shaped during our time there. Simply said, it was the best possible place to start our company.

Gracias. Merci. Danke. We could never say thank you enough to the wonderful people at Synergy.

And on that note…with every door that closes, a new one opens. The strong values and support we received while at Synergy Business and Technology incubator gave us a great foundation to take FuelBox to the next level. And now we’re focused on raising our Series A funding that will launch us into the marketplace for the 2014 holiday season. We’ve had offers, but are still looking for the right fit!

Here’s the Synergy team during our going away party, and with the founders, Michael and Beverly Holliday.

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