New season, new headquarters!

March 31, 2014

It’s official. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. Spring is here…and our new office is OPEN!

Boy, was it a busy March for us here at FuelBox. We started the month at the Synergy workspace, while looking for the perfect place to launch the next phase of FuelBox. And after months of looking…drum roll please…WE FOUND OUR LAUNCH PAD!

Our new headquarters is located in Santa Barbara’s iconic ‘funk zone’ – an area filled with urban wineries, trendy restaurants and innovative start-ups. It’s like the Soho of Santa Barbara. Around here, creativity and character flow as smoothly as the wine. We feel right at home. There’s even a rooftop deck with an ocean view – one day we will hold our weekly team meeting up there under the sun.

The space was a blank canvas, ready for FuelBox to swoop in and make it our own. We’ve been working hard day (and night) to spiff up our new pad.

Here’s what the headquarters looked like before we moved in:

Kelly and Ryan discussing the awesome potential of the space.

A work in progress:

Dan on our first day at the new office.

Kelly painting the wall FuelBox yellow, with Rob adding moral support!

Ocean view from the rooftop deck!

And mountains on the other side (gotta love Santa Barbara!).

Here’s what the headquarters looks like now:




It’s still a space in progress, but looking better every day. Stay tuned for more updates. And please come visit us!

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