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  • "The best charging product I've ever used! Charging the boostPack on top of the Dock and having built in charging cords for my different devices makes it so easy to power up."

  • "This product is beautifully designed! I charge with the boostPack every day."

  • "FuelBox is literally a life saver. My truck ran out of gas and my phone was dead, but luckily I had the boostPack and was able to recharge and call for help. Thank you!"

  • "I love charging my iPad on the Dock’s resting shelf in the kitchen while I display recipes to cook for dinner!”

  • "The most convenient way to charge!"


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FuelBox Co-Founders Credit SBCC

May 21, 2015

Robert Herr and Dan Friedman were both looking for a dare to be great situation when they met their second year at Santa Barbara City College. Both were ambitious, and both were looking for something to start and grow into a business.

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