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What We Do


FuelBox has you covered. We've created the ultimate power solution for all your mobile devices. An all-in-one, universal charging station plus portable battery pack to keep you powered and constantly connected everywhere you go – all day, every day.

Its ultra-sleek, eye-catching design will wow your friends. Its compact productivity will wow you when you are on the move. It’s simple, clean and organized. No more cords to lose, no more overloaded outlets…no more losing touch as your phone loses power.

Simply said, it’s the last charger you’ll ever need… Stay connected. Stay on top. Power your life.


At home, in the office or on-the-go, our FuelBox products solve all of your charging needs.

How It Started


One sunny day in late 2011, FuelBox was born. It all started off innocently enough – with another lost phone charger and a dead phone battery. FuelBox founders Robert Herr and Dan Friedman decided enough was enough. They embarked on a mission to create something new that keeps people connected at all times and puts frustrating charger searches to an end for good.
“There’s got to be a better way to fuel our mobile devices – both at home and on the go. No lost cords, no lost phone calls. No stress, no worries,” they thought.
Since then, Robert and Dan have passionately pursued their dream of developing a universally compatible charger for all mobile devices – with a portable battery pack included. Finally, a charger that can power our busy lives and keep everyone constantly connected. The last charger you will ever need!
They have worked tirelessly ever since and built FuelBox from the ground up. Focused on producing the best, most accessible charger on the market, Robert and Dan stand by their original mission: if we can’t make it better, then we won’t make it at all!
The company has come a long way in the last few years. Initial seed money invested, product prototypes are in the final phase. Production line and sales platform are in place, industry partnerships have been made. A motivated and experienced team leads the charge with an impressive squad of strategic advisors ensuring FuelBox’s success.

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